Postnatal: Mummy Tummy

Post-baby bodies are amazing. They have done something truly spectacular! Making, carrying and then giving birth to a baby is a privilege. And one that not all of us are able to experience.

When we are pregnant, our bodies can feed, nurture and take care of our babies every need without so much as a second thought from us. Amazing.

So it’s sad to me that as soon as our babies have been born, our bodies are no longer considered amazing. We forget the wonderful things that we have spent the past 9 months doing and we focus on how we look! We read magazines and newspapers that show celebrities in bikinis when their baby is a week old. That’s not real life but it’s what we compare ourselves to.

My body is….softer than it used to be! I have a wrinkly “Mummy Tummy” where I used to have a toned waist. But that wrinkly “Mummy Tummy” gives Austin no end of enjoyment when he blows raspberries on it! Daddy’s muscular physique (Daddy will smile to himself when he reads that!) doesn’t provide as wobbly a surface for raspberry blowing!

Every time I look in the mirror at my softer, rounder body, I make a point to be thankful for the two little people it made such a fabulous job at creating. Then the wobbly bits don’t seem half as bad at all.

This doesn’t mean I don’t want to change how I look, I do. I want to lose weight, I want my body to look like it did before I had children. I don’t know if it ever will. Right now, that seems a million miles away! I know it will take time for me to regain my figure – I used to be a gym bunny for a start – but I’m heading in the right direction.

I have signed up with The Fitmama Studio‘s Postnatal course which is an exercise, nutrition and repair course. At the beginning of the course; they assess your Pelvic Floor function and see if you have a Diastasis (gap between your tummy muscles – thankfully mine was very small at 1cm). Then you go on to learn something called the Hypopressive Technique which really, is just plain weird! Hypopressive is all about decreasing pressure within your body and it’s a way of exercising which targets your core, without adding detrimental pressure to your abdominal wall and pelvic floor. I admit, at first, I wasn’t really sure what was going on or even if I was doing it right but now I know what I’m doing and have started practising at home, I can see a difference in my tummy, it’s slowly going back to normal. Of course, being pear-shaped, my hips and thighs are still more than adequately sized! But I’ll get there!

Post-pregnancy brings another body woe. Clothes. What the hell are we supposed to wear? Those of us not lucky enough to ping back into pre-pregnancy shape are left wearing maternity clothes that are too big because our pre-pregnancy clothes are too small. Has anyone else been clothes shopping with a new baby in tow, only to buy something that you don’t really like, in a size bigger than you’d hoped, just because you need something to put on each day? I don’t want to spend money on clothes that I don’t intend to be wearing for very long. I have no answer to post-natal clothing, other than to follow my lead and wear clothes that don’t fit!! It’s all a bit rubbish really isn’t it?!

So in summary, I would tell any other new Mum out there not to get caught up with how you look! Your bodies are awesome, no matter what you think they look like. Try to embrace the way you look in your “Fourth Trimester”! If you don’t have time to wash your hair, stock up on dry shampoo. If you have dark circles under your eyes (I did even before kids!) invest in some YSL Touche Eclat! Buy a new bubble bath, face cream, shoes or some clothes that actually fit (good luck with that!)! Eat good food and go for nice walks (once you feel up to it). Do whatever you like to make you feel like the wonderful woman that you are.

Will I listen to my own advice? Yes, some of it! I apply layers of Touche Eclat and nothing comes between me and a new pair of shoes! But like most of you reading this, it won’t make me like the way I look. I won’t feel guilty about that. I will however, keep remembering what a good job my body did at making my babies. And for that, I will be eternally thankful.


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Postnatal Series: Big Brother Little Sister

My main concern whilst pregnant, was how well Austin would deal with having a little sister. How would he feel about sharing his Mumma and Dad? I had read that having a new baby sibling can be as traumatic for a toddler as it would be for a wife, if her husband moved a second wife in to their marital home. Ouch! Poor toddler/wife.

The night after Elodie was born, Austin stayed with my mum. He had spent the day with her anyway and as we didn’t get home from hospital until late, it made sense for him to stay there. The next day, after his nap, mum brought him home to meet his sister. Elodie was asleep in her Moses basket when he arrived and we made a BIG fuss of him when he walked in. He probably wondered what the hell was going on! He found some toy cars (as usual) then noticed the basket out the corner of his eye. He went over, cautiously peeked inside, pointed at her, then noticed the present she had left under her basket for him. As soon as he saw what it was (play food – the only thing that even comes close to his cars!) the new little person sleeping in his lounge was soon forgotten! For now.


I mentioned in my last post about us both crying over milk… Well, it was the first time Austin saw me feed Elodie, I had made her bottle up in the kitchen and he came in to see what I was doing. He saw it and obviously thought it was for him (he still has milk out of a bottle – don’t judge me – I’ve tried to change him to a cup, I have a cupboard full of cups that I have tested out with him, but it’s not happening!) His bottles are different to Elodie’s Tommee Tippee’s but he didn’t care about the finer details, to him it was just a bottle of milk. When I explained to him that it was for his sister, he followed me over to her, watched me start to feed her, then started crying. It might sound silly (if you’re childless or just heartless) but broke my heart. It still makes me sad thinking about it now! Luckily mum was there and she stepped in to take his mind off it. With his play food!

Those first few days when we were all home together, we had a rush of visitors who made a big fuss of and gave presents to, the new big brother. He was in his element! He would occasionally glance in her direction and give a look as if to say “you still here?” but didn’t pay her any more attention than that. He was unusually quiet for a couple of days but he had a cold too and wasn’t sleeping because of it (cold, not sister) so perhaps it was a mix of everything. He soon returned to his normal wonderfully noisy self.

As time has gone on, he has learnt to love her! He obviously won’t share Eeyore with him, that would be ridiculous. He does however show her his cars, thrusting them into her tiny hands! When she finally does show an interest in them, I don’t think he will be so obliging!

He showers her with kisses. I am not sure whether he really likes kissing her or he really likes the reaction it brings from anyone who watches him do it! Either way, Elodie is not short of affection.


Austin also held her on his lap yesterday! I asked him if he wanted to cuddle her, he said yes (actually he said yis”) so I sat him on the sofa and lay her against him. He managed 2 seconds before he tried to push her off! Come to think of it, maybe “yis” doesn’t mean “yes” after all. Maybe it means “don’t even think about it!” Perhaps I’ll try it next time he’s motioning towards a muddy puddle in his shorts and trainers!

I can’t wait for Elodie to be just a little bit older so that her and Austin interact more. As soon as she starts giggling at him I think he is going to love it! I’ll keep you posted…

Next week on the Postnatal series… Mummy Tummy…

Win an adorable Natures Purest bathtime set!

This month marks one whole year since everythingisrosy began!

I cannot believe it’s been a year already but even more so, I really can’t believe that so many people actually read my waffle and sometimes, even enjoy it! Craziness.

To celebrate this special “blogiversary”, we have a competition! With an actual real life prize and everything!

Last month Elodie and I reviewed an incredibly cute and super soft bathtime set from Natures Purest. We seriously loved it and lucky for you lovely lot, we have another one from Natures Purest to give away! This time, it’s the “Hug Me Bear” bathtime set – how cute!?


To be in with a chance to win this adorable little bundle for your adorable little bundle, simply follow this link and select your option(s):

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The giveaway starts today and ends on Friday 13th June (unlucky for some but lucky for one of you!) so GO GO GO!

Good Luck! Hope you win! x

T&C’s: Competition is open to UK residents only.  All answers will be checked to make sure the winner has entered all details correctly.  The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize after which another winner will be chosen at random.  Everythingisrosy is not responsible for sending the winners prize, it will be sent directly from the Natures Purest.

Postnatal Series: Mum

When I was pregnant the second time round, I couldn’t understand how I would love a second child as much as my first. Before having children, you have no idea how much love you will have for them. Then, if you are lucky enough to become a mother, instantly you change. You would put your own life on the line without a second thought, if it meant they would be safe. How can you possible have any more love to give?!

It happens! You have as much love for your second child as your first. It just happens. Like some kind of amazing Mother Nature magical shiz.


When I tell people I have a newborn and a 1 1/2 year old, so many say “wow, you’re brave!” Or “you must have your work cut out!” My favourite is “oh no poor you having two in nappies!” Yes poor me having two healthy, beautiful children in nappies! Nobody’s favourite past-time is changing two sets of nappies but if that’s the worst thing in my life, I think I will cope just fine!


To any other mums reading this who come under the “two under two” bracket, a few little nuggets of advise for you:

      • You need to be extra extra organised.
      • You must to be able to multitask like never before.
      • Those eyes you have in the back of your head? You need a couple more on each side, around your ears will do.
      • You will definitely need to stop your toddler kicking your newborn. Over and over again.
      • And sometimes, you have to let one cry, while you tend to the other. *heart breaks* If the toddler has his wet hand inches from a live socket, or he has climbed into the tumble drier and is currently closing the door (neither of these have actually happened! Yet.) whilst the baby is screaming because she’s accidentally pulled her own dummy out (this has happened. Many many times.)…Toddler 1: Baby o.

So far, 11 weeks in to a lifetime of having two children, it’s been fiiiiiiine. Honest.

I found it hard at first, when I was in hospital after having Elodie, I was showered, changed and desperate to go home an hour after she had been born. I was however, kept in for the rest of that day so my time was spent sat staring at my beautiful tiny newborn and then having a pang of guilt that I wasn’t sat staring at my beautiful toddler (hard to do unless said toddler is sleeping, but still!).

The first day at home, when Austin met his little sis was quite hard too. Mainly because I was so conscious of making sure he knew he was still as loved and adored as ever. There were tears from him and tears from me. Over his milk of all things! Not spilt though – there’s no point crying over that. But the tears didn’t last long. Then, the first few weeks passed in a blur of visitors, as is usually the case, and before we had realised it, we had settled into being a family of 4 and it wasn’t as difficult anymore.  I’ll write more about Austin’s relationship with Elodie next week…

Physically, this postnatal recovery has been easier. Less pain for a start. And actually, I have had to recover more quickly because I haven’t wanted Austin to notice a difference in his Mummy, I’ve wanted to get back to my old self (pre big pregnancy belly!) rolling around on the floor and messing around with him.  My baby weight and mummy tummy are another story. And in fact, I will write about these soon too. For now, let’s just say I am still wearing my maternity jeans and I can’t see that changing anytime soon! Damn my pear shape and thighs!

Emotionally, this time has also been much easier. And not because Elodie is an easier baby – she’s not (she was at first – lulling me into a false sense of calm baby security!). While Austin had colic and suffered with aches and pains from his forceps birth, Elodie has reflux! And let me tell you, reflux sucks. No, this time it’s easier because I’ve been here before! This time, I know that the crying, the fussy feeding and the sleepless nights although at the time, they feel like they last for all of eternity, they won’t be forever. I know that whenever I have a hard day, tomorrow is a fresh start. Tomorrow will be better. And most importantly, I know that I am a good mum. Even on those hard days when we have excessive crying; no sleep; wind that won’t come up; milk that won’t stay down and now even toddler tantrums thrown into the mix, I am a good mum, trying my best, loving my children more than anything else. Sometimes us Mums forget this. Our babies don’t forget it, not until around the time they hit puberty at least! To our babies, we are their mums, their world, their everything. This time round, I know this and I will my best try not to forget it!

Next week on the Postnatal series…Big Brother, Little Sister…

Postnatal Series: Baby

Now that Elodie is 10 weeks old, I thought I would ease myself back into blogging by writing a Postnatal series, covering different aspects of our lives since she was born. So I’ll kick off with a little post about the leading lady herself…


Elodie is truly the prettiest baby girl I’ve ever known. Fact.

Strangers sometimes think her name is Melody..! I’ve even had someone say to me “you mean Melody?” when I introduced her! #jerk

We chose her name as something a little different and we think it compliments Austin’s name perfectly. So many people have said lovely things about their names.

She has made me re-evaluate the colour pink! I used to hate it, now I’ve even started wearing it myself!

She is a blue eyed girl in a brown eyed family. Her eyes are like beautiful pools of sparkly blue water. Different to Austin’s dark chocolate brown eyes. So different but both so gorgeous. I have a feeling Elodie’s will stay blue now too, I hope so.

She sleeps ALOT. Much much more than her big bro ever did. Only the past couple of weeks has she started being awake longer than just to feed.

Since she was tiny, she’s fed 3 hourly during the day. When she was brand new, this was night time too but thankfully it only lasted a couple of weeks before she started going longer during the night. Now, if I manage to get her to feed at 10ish (if she’s not too tired to drink!) she’ll wake up any time from 4am. As much of a pain as feeding 3 hourly during the day is, I can handle it when I know she will (probably) sleep longer at night. I hope this lasts!

She loves her big brother so much that he has even managed to make her giggle! Just the once so far and I’m desperate for her to repeat it!


Next week in the Postnatal Series…all about Mum!

REVIEW: Natures Purest Bathtime Set

Lucky little Elodie was recently sent a bathtime set from the lovely baby company Natures Purest. Like her mum, she LOVES a bit of pampering so she jumped at the chance to test it out!


Natures Purest was founded in 2006 with just one range of 5 products. Since then, they’ve grown massively and can now be found on many a UK high street.

What Natures Purest say about themselves…

Promise…We make every one of our baby products to the highest possible safety and quality standards. 

Dream…Caring for little ones as sensitively and lovingly as any good parent, our simple and natural products give your baby the healthiest possible start in life. 

Passion…Just as you love your newborn child, we passionately believe in creating sensitive, natural products that will not irritate your precious baby in any way.  

We received a Sleepy Safari bathtime set which consists of a hooded towel and wash mitt made from 100% organic cotton and comes in a cute gift box.

natures purest 3

The bathtime set itself is super soft, it was soft when it arrived but even more so once I’d washed it before using it on Elodie. And actually it’s been washed a few times now and is still as soft as ever.

Austin, Elodie’s  older brother, took a shine to the wash mitt – like the towel, it has a lion’s face on it and, a lion’s ROOOOOAAAAAAAARRRR is one of the animal noises that he likes to make. Thus, a lion wash mitt makes bath time a lot more fun! And a lot more noisy!!

Elodie, however, tested the towel out herself (Austin has a towel poncho that makes him look like a pirate, so he’s not interested in anything else) and it’s really lovely. It’s slightly larger than other hooded towels we have, which is good as she’s quite the chubster – pearshaped like her mum, poor thing!


So the verdict? I would happily buy this set as a gift for a newborn. It’s sooooooo soft, really good quality and it’s organic! Who wouldn’t choose organic for their baby?

For those of you who are interested in the serious stuff:

The products are tested to be sure that the most dangerous chemicals are not present, so we can rest easy knowing that no chemicals will be rubbed onto delicate newborn skin.

The cotton is not only good for baby but good for the environment. It’s grown with less chemicals, less fertilisers and less damage to the planet.

Also, it should be noted that the Natures Purest factory in Sri Lanka has been awarded a Garments Without Guilt certificate to show that their products are manufactured using well paid labour in comfortable factory conditions. Everyone’s a winner!

To see more of Natures Purest products, click here. I LOVE the So Sweet So Cute collection!

My birth story…

This time 2 weeks ago, I was about to go into labour with my second child, it was so so different than with my first! Last time, in short, I had 16 hours of active, back to back labour, then delivered Austin in theatre via forceps! Poor little man. This time, it went a little something like this…

Note: if you’re someone who doesn’t like details of giving birth and/or someone who at all costs avoids watching One Born Every Minute, please stop here! Imagine, if you like, that Elodie was delivered by a stork. If however, you are interested in all the (not so) gory details, read on! 

On Thursday 13th March, I turned 39 weeks. I’d had light period type pains all morning and was mega uncomfortable but convinced that I would go overdue. Plus I was used to all kinds of aches and pains so didn’t think anything of it. I did a big food shop in the morning, came home, had lunch, then went out for a walk for almost an hour. Actually, more of a casual stroll as it was really hot outside – freakishly so for mid-March! When I returned from my walk, my period pain was still lingering but again, I thought nothing of it so carried on the rest of my day like normal.

We went to bed about 10.30pm and Steve was asleep within maybe 3 minutes of his head hitting the pillow! I on the other hand, couldn’t get comfortable (no change there!). I turned over in bed and thought I felt my waters break. I jumped out of bed to check I hadn’t imagined it and they just kept leaking. Eeeek! This didn’t happen last time – the midwife broke my waters at about 9cm – and I really didn’t know what to do!!

I woke Steve, who questioned whether I had really just wet myself..! After reassuring him that I did in fact, still have control of my bladder, I phoned the labour line. It was about 11.15pm when I spoke to a lovely lady who said if I felt ok, she was happy for me to stay at home until my contractions were painful and about 3 minutes apart. As contractions hadn’t even started yet, she told me to try and get some rest for now and to call back, probably early in the morning, once the contractions had started and were painful.

I called my Mum, who lives about 35 minutes away and she set off to our house to look after Austin, who was sleeping soundly, none the wiser!

By the time Mum arrived at about midnight, my contractions were between 2 1/2 and 3 minutes apart. But my timings were not very accurate as I kept forgetting to start the timer..! I called the labour line back as they were quite painful but still bearable. I hadn’t even started using my TENS machine yet. I explained to the midwife that I was coping fine but as I live 30 mins from the hospital, I wold rather set of now than leave it much longer, in case baby arrived in the car..! She agreed and said she’d phone the hospital to let them know I was on my way.

Steve packed up the car and we drove to the hospital, through the crazy arse fog that had descended upon us that evening! You can imagine my delight when, numerous times along the journey, we had to slow down to what felt like 0.5mph to drive through it safely..!

We arrived at the hospital at 12.45am and the contractions were almost constant. The wait at the door buzzer seemed like FOREVER! There was another woman in labour waiting with us, who I don’t think even had a contraction while we waited with her and was holding a full blown conversation with her husband while I could barely whisper a single word! She bugged me. I desperately hoped, that I would deliver before her.

Once inside the maternity unit, they took me straight round to the delivery suite, skipping the assessment rooms – thankfully! We put my TENS machine on but by now it wasn’t enough on its own so I started on the Gas and Air. The midwife looking after us, Natalie, was really lovely. She was a student midwife and looked after us so well!

After filling out some admission paperwork, she examined me at 1.05am and I was 5cm. I was soooo disappointed!! Her and Steve both reassured me that I’d done well to get that far that quickly but, I felt like the pain was worse than 5cm worth so I was gutted. I asked Natalie if I could use the birthing pool, so she popped off to start running it for me.

She came back not long after, gave me some very fetching mesh paper pants to wear and rubbed my back for me! Bless her!  We made our way to the birthing pool room – just a few doors down – and once in, while I waited for the water to fill up the pool, I climbed on all fours, onto a big cushion type thing (think soft play apparatus!) in the corner of the room. Natalie went off to get the bed from my old room and bring it in for me.

When she came back in, I really felt like I was ready to push!

I told her with a rather urgent tone that I needed to push and bless her, she looked a little concerned! She called a more senior midwife in as I said “I’m going to push!” and started to push – I really felt like I couldn’t stop myself! She rather forcefully (from my Gas and Air fuelled memory) told me to stop because I might not be ready yet and she needed to examine me first to see! As far as she was concerned, I was still at 5cm! I did as I was told and stopped pushing and felt baby’s head move back! That’s when I thought, word for word “sod you love, I’m pushing this baby out now!”. She had a quick peak as I stopped pushing, saw the baby’s head disappearing back and realised that actually, I was ready!!

With the next contraction, I pushed so so hard. I imagined the baby coming out (good old One Born Every Minute – without it, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to picture!) and I think it really helped because with that push, her head was born. Follow a bit of panting, then another big push and she was here!! My beautiful daughter Elodie was born at 1.30am, just 25 minutes after I was examined at 5cm. There hadn’t even been enough time to run the birthing pool!

This labour was so amazing. It hurt like hell, of course, but I look back on it now and am so pleased with how it went. I’m amazingly happy that Elodie wasn’t born in theatre and didn’t need to be dragged out by forceps, like her poor big bro. I feel like she was born how she wanted to be born and I’m so content and happy feeling like this.

 The bits they don’t show on One Born Every Minute – delivering the placenta (ouch!) and having stitches (double ouch!), I kind of hadn’t thought about! Last labour I’d had a spinal so wasn’t able to feel anything. This time, with no spinal, those bits weren’t too enjoyable but at least I got to watch Steve and Elodie having mega cute daddy-daughter cuddles to take my mind off it! Plus I still had hold of the Gas and Air! Result!!

Here we are, in Elodie’s first ever photo at 1 hour old…


2 weeks later, Elodie is settling in well, Austin is learning to love his little sis (I’ll blog soon about introducing them to one another) and we are all starting a new adventure, as a family of 4…