My name is Mummy!

So recently, the kids learnt our real names. It’s our own fault, it started with us telling them their grandparents names. There’s not much funnier than hearing a three year old addressing their Grandad as Clive (GREAT name, Dad).

Then came Austin standing at the top of the stairs shouting “Babe” to Steve (interestingly with a slight cockney twang – doesn’t get that bit from me, we all know I’m shit at accents, other than saying “he’s a gay man now” in a Northern Irish accent a la Catherine Tate). I digress…

Now however, Daddy is only ever referred to as Steve. But not just Steve, Steeeeeeeeeeeeeevve said only in the electronic voice of the monkey from the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The funny thing is, it sounds HILARIOUS when they say it! They do it for a reaction, we laugh, they do it even more. Shits. And. Giggles.

To Austin, I am Elizabeth. Liz is waaay too informal for addressing your mother. Obvs. Whereas Elodie prefers Mom. Because whilst Austin is quintessentially British, his younger sister has taken it upon herself to develop her non-existent, American roots.

Is this a normal stage that kids go through? Like temper tantrums (step forward, Elodie) and fussy eating (OK, Austin hasn’t gone through this one yet but in Elodie’s case, refusing to eat anything other than cheese and crackers is pretty standard)?? I’m really not sure. Although I know Austin has a thing with names in general at the moment…if anyone asks what he’s called, he’ll name himself in full, complete with middle and surname. He’s not quite grasping the Stranger Danger thing just yet…

I get that kids will call their parents by their first names when they’re teenagers, I remember doing it myself and thinking I was HILARIOUS. It’s not funny. So was I just a massively backwards 12 year old, acting like a 3 year old?! Probably answered my own question there. Bit awkward.


Elizabeth / Mom

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