REVIEW: The little boy who lost his name

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When the people at Lost My Name contacted me, to see if I would like to review their book, I was ridiculously excited! I am always on the look out for new books. The kids love stories, especially before bed. It’s rare for a bedtime routine to get off the ground without a story or two. And as much as I love Stickman, there’s only so many times you can read it (off by heart) and still make it sound as interesting as the first time.


The Boy Who Lost His Name (or indeed, The Girl Who Lost Her Name) is about a child who sets off to rediscover his name, after it goes missing from his bedroom door. His adventure introduces him to many different creatures, each with their own tale to tell or problem to solve, who help him find his name. There is a dragon who can’t be scary; a misunderstood Imp and a lion who just wants to have some fun, to name but a few.

The illustrations are beautiful, the stories are lots of fun and best of all, the book rhymes!! I openly admit I find it so much easier to read aloud a story that rhymes, than a story that doesn’t. I appreciate perhaps that doesn’t show off my reading skills but I cannot be alone with this one!?


They’ve thought of everything, not only is it personalised by child’s name but if that name is very short, the Lost My Name team will add a few little twists to the story to ensure the book is a good length. Great news for all those baby Bob’s out there (first short name I could think of! Not sure why I didn’t think of Liz..)! Incidentally if your name is ridiculously long, Elizabeth for example, you’d be in for a whopper of a book!

The only thing I would choose as tiny a niggle, and only if I really really HAD to, would be that you can’t choose what the little girl and boy look like in your book. I appreciate it’s probably going to be a lot more work and the publication cost would, I’m sure, increase but it would be nice to be able to tailor the child to look a little more like the recipient of the book. Maybe if they could give you a few different child designs to choose from. Although there are so many illustrations throughout the book, maybe this just isn’t feasible.


Austin loves his book already, he likes the fact the starring little boy has the same name as him (cute!). I think it’s definitely a story that will keep his interest too, at the moment he likes looking at the pictures and I don’t think it will be long before he’s engrossed in the stories behind the pictures too. When he can spell his own name, it’ll be a whole new world of enjoyment!

The quality of the (self published!) book is amazing, the pages are thick (not cardboard thick but they seem toddler-ripping proof) and it just feels like a lovely publication. It would definitely make a fab christening or “welcome to the world little baby” present.

Me: "show me your book and smile" Him: *fake burp* Brilliant.

Me: “show me your book and smile”
Him: *fake burp*

The story books retail at £18.99 including free worldwide shipping and can be ordered here. If you’re interested in ordering a Lost My Name book for a little special someone, I have 5 voucher codes for 15% off, so let me know (tweet/facebook/instagram or good old fashioned email) if you would like one.

**I was sent Austin’s book for free, in exchange for an honest review. I liked it so much that I purchased Elodie’s book with my own hard earned cash. I think that’s enough of a review on it’s own!**