Goodbye ‘Two Under Two’

I remember during my second pregnancy, thinking that by the time we were out of the “two under two” stage, Elodie would be 6 months old. At the time, 6 months old seemed an eternity away! In a flash, Austin is two (and has been for a good few months now..!) while Elodie is 10 months old. Crazy. Ridiculous, in fact. Time flies even quicker the second time around!


Austin and Elodie equally impressed at the passing cars

I did consider writing a post with some tips on how to survive the first few months of ‘two under two” but really, I have no advice! I/we have completely and utterly fluked it! My mum helps us hugely and I, one million percent, could not have done it without her.

But what I can tell you is that having two children so close together is AMAZING! The first few months are super bloody hard, there’s no sugar coating that. When you’re doing the night feeds for the new baby and then getting up with your eldest at stupid o’clock in the morning (5am in our case!) you feel like you cannot continue on such little sleep. But you power on through because, well, you that’s what Mums do.

We were/are lucky in that Elodie was/is a dream of a baby. So well behaved, so happy and SUCH a good sleeper! Although she is developing one hell of a temper, which she breaks out when she doesn’t get her own way. If that stays, we’re in for some FUN teenage years..!

Cue temper tantrum over a half eaten apple

Cue temper tantrum over a half eaten apple

Austin, bless him, was hard work as a baby, he cried ALL the time (we later found out this was because he had a very sore head, after his forceps delivery so we will let him off) and he barely slept during the day – I’m talking just 2 twenty minute naps each day. He went through the night from early on (probably because he was exhausted from being awake all day..!) but I had to cuddle him to sleep each night. He’s an amazing toddler now and the happiest, most well behaved little boy you could meet. Unless you try to remove a toy car from his hand, then you will have initiated Meltdown Mode. I definitely had my kids the right way round. If I’d had Elodie first and then Austin (so probably a very terrible two with big tantrums and a baby that was very hard work) I’d have been in for a hideous shocker of a “Two under two” situation. I dread to think.

So in short, if you can have the difficult baby first who turns into the easy peasy toddler first, you’re laughing!

Balancing two children, no matter what the age gap, will make you realise one thing if nothing else…how easy it was when you only had one!! Those days when I struggled to get Austin and I ready for Baby Sensory at 11am? PAH!! What the hell was I doing?! I remember looking at my friends with two kids and thinking “How do you do it?!”, now I look at my friends with three kids and think the same thing!

If all else fails, stick them in buckets and pop Peppa on the TV

If all else fails, stick them in buckets and pop Peppa on the TV

The best thing ever is when they laugh together. Austin will go out of his way to make Elodie laugh, it’s adorable. The other day we were having breakfast and I popped out of the room, when I was walking back in I stood at the door, just listening to them giggling at each other. Austin had got down from his chair, up onto mine, in front of his sister and was pulling faces to make Elodie laugh. They were in hysterics together. It was the best sound I have ever heard.

Just yesterday morning, we were all sat in bed, Elodie was bopping to the Fireman Sam theme tune and Austin quietly watched her, then started giggling happily to himself. Their love for each other is so beautiful.

Obviously it isn’t always quite so serene, they fight over the iPad; Austing pushes Elodie and she pulls his hair. One day, I’m sure, there will be far less loving than fighting but I hope that one day not too long after that they will, once again, be as close as they are now.

So with a happy heart, we say goodbye to the “two under two” tag. Will we be joining the “three under three”?? Ummmm no! Two blessings are perfect for us. We have very fond memories of the “two under two” stage of our lives and we’ll make many many more through the next stages too. But one thing I will miss…the looks of horror; surprise; sympathy and “OMG what the hell were you thinking!” when I tell people I have two children under two!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye ‘Two Under Two’

  1. Sarah says:

    You are so right! The time FLIES by but yes the initial struggles pay off. My girls are 17 months apart and now at 9 & 8 they have a great bond as sisters and best friends. Like you I had one child who was a bit of work while the other child was so chilled out like a walk in the park. But yes now that I have 3 kids, 1 child looks doable with one arm tied behind my back and my eyes closed haha. Great post Liz xx

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