Postnatal Series: Big Brother Little Sister

My main concern whilst pregnant, was how well Austin would deal with having a little sister. How would he feel about sharing his Mumma and Dad? I had read that having a new baby sibling can be as traumatic for a toddler as it would be for a wife, if her husband moved a second wife in to their marital home. Ouch! Poor toddler/wife.

The night after Elodie was born, Austin stayed with my mum. He had spent the day with her anyway and as we didn’t get home from hospital until late, it made sense for him to stay there. The next day, after his nap, mum brought him home to meet his sister. Elodie was asleep in her Moses basket when he arrived and we made a BIG fuss of him when he walked in. He probably wondered what the hell was going on! He found some toy cars (as usual) then noticed the basket out the corner of his eye. He went over, cautiously peeked inside, pointed at her, then noticed the present she had left under her basket for him. As soon as he saw what it was (play food – the only thing that even comes close to his cars!) the new little person sleeping in his lounge was soon forgotten! For now.


I mentioned in my last post about us both crying over milk… Well, it was the first time Austin saw me feed Elodie, I had made her bottle up in the kitchen and he came in to see what I was doing. He saw it and obviously thought it was for him (he still has milk out of a bottle – don’t judge me – I’ve tried to change him to a cup, I have a cupboard full of cups that I have tested out with him, but it’s not happening!) His bottles are different to Elodie’s Tommee Tippee’s but he didn’t care about the finer details, to him it was just a bottle of milk. When I explained to him that it was for his sister, he followed me over to her, watched me start to feed her, then started crying. It might sound silly (if you’re childless or just heartless) but broke my heart. It still makes me sad thinking about it now! Luckily mum was there and she stepped in to take his mind off it. With his play food!

Those first few days when we were all home together, we had a rush of visitors who made a big fuss of and gave presents to, the new big brother. He was in his element! He would occasionally glance in her direction and give a look as if to say “you still here?” but didn’t pay her any more attention than that. He was unusually quiet for a couple of days but he had a cold too and wasn’t sleeping because of it (cold, not sister) so perhaps it was a mix of everything. He soon returned to his normal wonderfully noisy self.

As time has gone on, he has learnt to love her! He obviously won’t share Eeyore with him, that would be ridiculous. He does however show her his cars, thrusting them into her tiny hands! When she finally does show an interest in them, I don’t think he will be so obliging!

He showers her with kisses. I am not sure whether he really likes kissing her or he really likes the reaction it brings from anyone who watches him do it! Either way, Elodie is not short of affection.


Austin also held her on his lap yesterday! I asked him if he wanted to cuddle her, he said yes (actually he said yis”) so I sat him on the sofa and lay her against him. He managed 2 seconds before he tried to push her off! Come to think of it, maybe “yis” doesn’t mean “yes” after all. Maybe it means “don’t even think about it!” Perhaps I’ll try it next time he’s motioning towards a muddy puddle in his shorts and trainers!

I can’t wait for Elodie to be just a little bit older so that her and Austin interact more. As soon as she starts giggling at him I think he is going to love it! I’ll keep you posted…

Next week on the Postnatal series… Mummy Tummy…

5 thoughts on “Postnatal Series: Big Brother Little Sister

  1. Steph says:

    Aw what a lovely post! Thanks so much for sharing this little snippet, your kiddos sound adorable. I’ve often wondered how my little one, Finlay will cope with a sibling when the time comes. I can imagine it’s not easy to juggle at first as the last thing you want is for them to not feel special still – it’s nice to get past the first bit and like you said when they’re older they can interact and become best friends 🙂 x

    • everythingisrosy says:

      Thank you! It’s definitely a worry, no matter what the age gap. It is tough at first but it gets easier each week. And I wouldn’t change it for the world! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.xx

  2. cuddlesmuddles says:

    Ahh, so sweet 🙂 I’m thinking about this a lot at the moment as due with baby no 2 in 7 weeks (and counting!). I don’t know how my little girl, nearly 3, will be – you want an instant bond but I’m being realistic and expecting an adjustment period!

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