Postnatal Series: Baby

Now that Elodie is 10 weeks old, I thought I would ease myself back into blogging by writing a Postnatal series, covering different aspects of our lives since she was born. So I’ll kick off with a little post about the leading lady herself…


Elodie is truly the prettiest baby girl I’ve ever known. Fact.

Strangers sometimesΒ think her name is Melody..! I’ve even had someone say to me “you mean Melody?” when I introduced her! #jerk

We chose her name as something a little different and we think it compliments Austin’s name perfectly. So many people have said lovely things about their names.

She has made me re-evaluate the colour pink! I used to hate it, now I’ve even started wearing it myself!

She is a blue eyed girl in a brown eyed family. Her eyes areΒ like beautiful pools of sparkly blue water. Different to Austin’s dark chocolate brown eyes. So different but both so gorgeous. I have a feeling Elodie’s willΒ stay blue now too, I hope so.

She sleeps ALOT. Much much more than her big bro ever did. Only the past couple of weeks has she started being awake longer than just to feed.

Since she was tiny, she’s fed 3 hourly during the day. When she was brand new, this was night time too but thankfully it only lasted a couple of weeks before she started going longer during the night. Now, if I manage to get her to feed at 10ish (if she’s not too tired to drink!) she’ll wake up any time from 4am. As much of a pain as feeding 3 hourly during the day is, I can handle it when I know she will (probably) sleep longer at night. I hope this lasts!

She loves her big brother so much that he has even managed to make her giggle! Just the once so far and I’m desperate for her to repeat it!


Next week in the Postnatal Series…all about Mum!

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