38 week update…

38 weeks (+1)  today! Time is flying by! This week has been hard. I am struggling to drive due to my SPD so I’ve been stuck at home a lot. I’ve also developed a really sore throat too, yesterday I sounded much like a man. Today, I have no voice whatsoever! Anyway, on with the update…


  Total weight gain: I would guess around the 4stone mark by now. My tummy cannot stretch any more, of that I am sure! My bum and thighs seem to be larger than life so I’d like to think they can’t get any bigger either. I fear otherwise…

Stretch marks: I don’t think I can have any but I haven’t examined properly. None have jumped out at me though so fingers crossed!

Symptoms: SPD as per usual. I also keep getting a shooting pain down the inside of my thighs. I guess this is where Betsy is starting to engage, I don’t remember getting it last time. Heartburn is pretty major this pregnancy too, I hear that could mean she’s going to have lots of hair! I didn’t have much heartburn last time and Austin didn’t have much hair at all…

Cravings: Still sweet things! Not really a craving but today, I’m dosing myself up on hot honey and lemon (just boiling water, lemon and honey – I use about twice as much honey as lemon). I really don’t like honey but it’s actually not so bad as a drink. Probably because it’s sweet!!


Best pregnancy related moment: I had an appointment with my midwife today and she thinks that Betsy may no longer be back to back! She did say it was hard to tell because Betsy was wriggling around so much, at first she thought she was still back to back, then she decided that she has moved and is now only half back to back! Still not ideal but getting better!

Worst pregnancy related moment: Nothing in particular, just generally hauling around my HUGE pregnant self! Getting out of breath; rib ache; back ache; peeing 58 times per night..blah blah blah.

Belly Button: It’s kind of flat. Much like I don’t have a belly button but, something weird is in it’s place. Something very weird.

Wedding rings: OFF. I think they will be for a loooooooooooooong time yet! Damn chubby fingers.

Ability to paint toenails: As of last week – yes! However, the thought of painting them again is not at all appealing. They’re still looking pretty (and pink – very appropriate!) at the moment but I don’t know how much longer it will last. I normally hate hate hate it when my nail varnish is chipped but right now,  I think I will be willing to accept it. That or I’ll book a pedicure. In fact, I probably will book a pedicure..!

Predictions: A am really hoping she will arrive a little early but, I have a feeling she will be a little late.

Although I’d like her to be early, the longer she takes to pop out, the longer I get to spend having one to one time with this gorgeous little man:

It’s safe to say, I am not someone who loves being pregnant. It’s blooming hard work. And it’s been much harder this time than last. Both pregnancies have been very similar, even down to the shape of my bumps. These pics were taken at 38 weeks exactly with both pregnancies. Bert the Bump looks higher than Betsy Bump but they’re definitely a similar shape!


I think what makes it harder now is that I already have my little Austin Bear to look after. He’s quite a heavy boy and I find picking him up and carrying him really puts a strain on my pelvis. But the worst thing is having to say no to him when he wants me to hold him. It honestly makes me feel so guilty. Lucky for me, he’s a happy chappy and not normally clingy to me. Unless he’s ill like he was last weekend, then he just wants Mummy cuddles! Or if I’m in the kitchen preparing something to eat, then he wants to be picked up but only for the food, not for Mummy!

I can’t wait to see Austin as a big brother! I’m so excited that the two of them will be so close in age, I hope they grow to be best buddies.

Soooo I wonder if my next update will be a very peeved overdue pregnancy one or introducing you all to my baby…I REALLY hope it’s the latter! Watch this space.x

5 thoughts on “38 week update…

  1. Eleanor (thebristolparent) says:

    I just found your blog via my Tots 100 sidebar, it’s awesome! Anyway, I just wanted to commiserate on the SPD. I had it as well, and it made pregnancy a bit of a chore, especially towards the end. Mine went almost as soon as birth happened, aside from a bit of stiffness, so I hope that happens to you too. Good luck and I’ll be following your journey and cheering you on from here on. Little girls….the best feeling in the world! Eleanor

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