34 week update…

34 weeks! I remember being 6 weeks pregnant when we’d just found out and singing “34 weeks to go, we’ve got 34 weeks to go…” (to the tune of the song 21 Seconds – I hope you know what I’m talking about!!) now we only have 6 weeks to go! Providing she’s on time. Which she will be. Or else.


  Total weight gain: Substantial. So much that my maternity jeans are getting tight. And that’s even my larger size maternity jeans from the very end of my last pregnancy… Goodness.

Stretch marks: Still none that I can see! I’m still using Balm Balm Mum to be Body Oil but not every day as I have the memory of…a pregnant lady! I keep a bottle of Johnsons baby oil in the shower so I tend to rub that on every day while my skin is still wet.

Symptoms: I don’t want to tempt fate but my restless legs seem to be much better! Whoop! Now I just have the dreaded SPD that I blogged about in my last post, here. I was signed off work this week because it’s got so bad, I’ve been referred for Physio now too, which at first I wasn’t too fussed about as last pregnancy I tried it and it didn’t help, but I might as well give it a whirl.

Cravings: Nothing to report really, the usual sweet stuff but nothing crazy. Having said that, Cadburys Creme Egg biscuits are pretty special! I blame my fellow blogger Shaz for this new addiction, she posted a pic of them on Instagram a few days so I went out hunting for a pack!


Best pregnancy related moment: We had a scan this week to determine whether the placenta is still low lying and thankfully it’s moved up away from the neck of the cervix! This is such a relief as if I can help it, I’d rather not have a c-section. Betsy is measuring quite large (!) – especially her tummy – so I think she’s been sharing the chocolate I’ve been craving! Looks like I’m in for another porker!

Worst pregnancy related moment: Just my SPD but I’ve moaned aenough about it so enough of that!

Belly Button: I still have a little half and half situation going on. It’s not pretty.

Wedding rings: OFF! *cries real tears* I took them off this week, it was quite hard work removing them too so it’s a good job I didn’t leave it any longer!

Ability to paint toenails: Yep! It’s probably not ideal to do so because I have to bend at the waist quite a lot but, Betsy doesn’t seem to mind and I don’t do it very often so I shall continue!

Predictions: A very chubby baby girl arriving bang on time!

15 thoughts on “34 week update…

    • everythingisrosy says:

      Ha! Yes don’t worry, it really does go quicker! Some days it drags, like when Austin has been up in the night and I’m shattered! But mostly it’s gone quickly. Although these last 6 weeks might be a different story..!xx

      • larajoannajarvis says:

        Glad to hear it! I would do the labour again and again but the pregnancy dragged so much for me!! I guess when you have a little one running around the place it keeps you busy enough to take your mind off of it! So exciting you only have 6 weeks left! Xx

      • everythingisrosy says:

        My first pregnancy dragged too. Labour wasn’t so much fun either but at least that’s only a day-ish, rather than a whole 40-ish weeks! You know Austin was 9 months old when we started talking about having another and then fell pregnant… How old is Henry now? 😉 xx

  1. ktbtw says:

    Wow that has whizzed by! The creme egg biscuits look AMAZING, i need these in my life. I’ll be hunting those down in sainsburys tomorrow =D So glad everythings going okay, apart from the SPD obviously. Hope the next 6 weeks go nice and smoothly for you. Look forward to seeing a cute new born baby photo soon =D xx

  2. Michelle (@ A Family Catter) says:

    I can relate to all of this!! …..the growing out of maternity clothes, the ‘I’ve given up weighing myself!’, the SPD, the chocolate, no stretch marks (but they’re bound to appear in the last week!), the half and half belly button, although I do still have my engagement ring on. I may just let it get stuck! 😄

    • everythingisrosy says:

      The biscuits are goooood! Especially if you love creme eggs as much as I do! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’ll be wearing too-tight maternity clothes! Like you say, I’d much rather buy nice clothes afterwards than waste money on new ones now.x

  3. Jessica Thornton says:

    Fab to read your updates! I’m 34 weeks now (35 tomorrow) so it’s lovely to see what others were up to at that stage. My restless legs seem to have gone too and I’m yet to see any stretch marks too (doesn’t want to speak too soon but – yay us!) Looking forward to your next update on Betsy bump! xxx

    • everythingisrosy says:

      Thank you!! I love reading update posts too and comparing symptoms etc. I’ve just posted my 38 week post, ready for you in 3 weeks! ha! Good work on the stretch marks! In my case I think it’s down to luck more than anything else. I just hope it continues…

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