30 week update…

Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all enjoyed the festivities? I can finally say I’m having a baby THIS YEAR!!

I am now 30+4! This means that (marvel at my maths skills) I have about 66 days to go before I meet my little lady! EEEEEK!



Total weight gain: Dunno. An exceptional amount!

Stretch marks: None that I can see. BOOM! I’ve started using a different body oil as I was bored of the same old stuff. I’ve turned to Balm Balm Mum to be Body Oil instead which I love. It smells AMAZING! Made from mandarin and grapefruit essential oils, it’s supposed to be pampering, conditioning annnnd mood enhancing! Oo-er!


Symptoms: Restless legs; Insomnia; the normal shiz. However, in the past week, my SPD has started! SPD is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, also known as PGP – Pelvic Girdle Pain. The Symphysis Pubis is the joint which connects the two halves of your pelvis. Around this joint are ligaments which help support it but during pregnancy, when your body produces a hormone called Relaxin, those ligaments soften. This can mean that your pelvis can move more during pregnancy and can cause some Mums-to-be a lot of pain. When I was pregnant with Austin, my SPD was really painful and I was signed off work at 35 weeks because I was so uncomfortable. I’m hoping this time it isn’t so bad and I can keep active until the very end of pregnancy.

Cravings: Still sweet things! As you can imagine, I’ve been in my element over Christmas! Oink oink. In fact when I started typing this post, I cracked open these bad boys and they’re pretty tasty! Especally the lemon mousse ones – delicious!


Best pregnancy related moment: Watching elbows/knees sticking out of my tummy! It’s cute and I love it! I took this photo a few mornings ago, when I woke up, Betsy Bump was a little bit wonky, bless her! She wriggled non-stop for the rest of that day, getting back into her normal position (head right under my ribs and feet sticking out of my side..!)


Worst pregnancy related moment: Nothing major, just generally struggling to sleep because of restless legs, insomnia and/or SPD pain.

Belly Button: Still half and half. *vom*

Wedding rings: Still on! I thought I’d have to have taken it off by now but actually it’s about the same as my 27 week update!

Ability to paint toenails: Yes! I can still do it! They’re pretty and pink at the moment.

Predictions: Girl! A big one too now, I reckon!

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