27 week update…

OMG 27 weeks tomorrow! It’s been so long since I last posted an update, I’ve been so busy! We have moved house, have all been ill (especially Austin Bear who ended up having to go to hospital – he’s fine now and back to his cheeky self), started and finished Christmas shopping and bought our first real Christmas tree:


So now it’s time for my next update…only 6 weeks after the last one!



Marvel at my Christmas Jumper! This bad boy won 1st place in the annual Christmas Jumper Competition at work. BOOM.

Total weight gain: Yeah, so, I’ve decided to scrap this one. I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago and moaned to my friends who said “why are you doing it to yourself?!” and they’re right! I’m going to put on weight, especially as I am embracing my cravings, so I’ll deal with it after Betsy Bump is born. Right now, I’m going to enjoy Christmas and most importantly, Pigs in Blankets.

Stretch marks: None that I can see. Whoop!

Symptoms: I still get restless legs when I don’t use magnesium in my bath. My legs have actually been a bit less achey though, thanks to some magical tights which I’ll blog about shortly. Apart from that, just very tired.

Cravings: Betsy Bump is still down with the sugar cravings. But as they say, “Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of” this one certainly will be!

Best pregnancy related moment: We had a 4d scan and it was amazeballs. We also had one when I was pregnant with Austin (while he was still named Bert the Bump), his was at about 27 weeks, Betsy’s was at 25 weeks. Don’t you think she looks like her big brother:


Worst pregnancy related moment: Errr I don’t think I’ve had any bad pregnancy times, not being able to help out much whilst we were moving house was a bit annoying but that’s about as bad as it got!

Belly Button: Oh man it’s like half in, half out. Hideous.

Wedding rings: Still on but tight, especially when I wake up hot in the mornings! I took it off quite easily in the shower the other day though so I reckon I’ve got a few weeks worth of wear left yet!

Ability to paint toenails: I really need to paint them actually. I think I can still reach them so I’ll give it a go!

Predictions: Well the scan showed that Betsy is still a girl, which is good as she already has some lovely little girls outfits now! I’m still hoping she’ll be in the 8lb rather than 9lb range but I’m not holding my breath! Now we just need to think of a name for her. It’s proving quite tough so all suggestions are very welcome! We’d like it to sound good with Austin, be difficult to shorten and nothing too popular/common. Oh and it can’t begin with K because our surname does and I’m not down with that…go!

In the meantime, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!x

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