21 week update…

I can’t believe 4 weeks have flown by since my last post! This pregnancy is super speedy! So here is my (slightly late at 21 + 3) 21 week update…


I think I look much smaller in this photo than in real life!

Total weight gain: at 17 weeks I’d gained 11lbs, now I’ve gained 1st 4lb..! WTAF. I can really feel it on my thighs and butt. But then, who doesn’t want a mahoosive flabby arse anyway?! Errrr that would be me!

Stretch marks: None so far… *imaginary high fives*

Symptoms: I am crazily hungry ALL the time, which could account for the whopping weight gain. Maybe. Also, my restless legs that I was moaning about in my last update are much better. I’m still putting magnesium flakes in my bath a couple of times a week. Last week I ran out and could really tell a difference and my legs started getting jittery! Possibly all in my head but I’m not going to run the risk and stop using them! My legs are now just really achey but I’ve spent this weekend packing to move house in a few weeks time, hopefully once we’re in the new house I can start relaxing!

Cravings: Food in general..! Especially anything sweet. Mmmmmm chocolate…

Best pregnancy related moment: Our 20 week anomaly scan, all was well with baby and we found out that we are having a……GIRL! Woohoo!! Everyone has said “How lovely to have one of each!” and it really will be. We’re so excited to bring a little lady into our family!

Worst pregnancy related moment: At the anomaly scan they realised I have a low lying placenta (Placenta Praevia), which isn’t great news. This means that the placenta is sitting low down in the uterus, lower than the baby. Mine is a Partial Praevia which isn’t as bad as a Major Praevia – where the placenta completely covers the cervix. I have another scan booked for approx. 34 weeks to see if the placenta has moved. If not I’ll be monitored until 38ish weeks when I’ll have a scheduled C-Section. Eeek! I will NOT be happy about that. Fingers crossed that bad boy moves out the way so my baby girl can make her own way out!

Also, the week before last I started having bad cramps and stitch pains .So bad that I phoned the hospital and they got me to come in to check everything was ok. Thankfully baby is fine! They weren’t sure what’s causing the pains but it could be to do with my pelvis as during my last pregnancy I suffered with SPD/PGP. I’ve just been told to take it easy and not get stressed – easier said than done when it comes to moving house..!

Belly Button: Still in! Just. although I fear this time, I will end up with an outie.

Wedding rings: Still on!

Ability to paint toenails: Still painting! Incidentally, on this subject, I went to a gorgeous wedding on Friday and painted my fingers and toes in Nails Inc “The Vale” it’s my new fave! I think it’s quite old, I forgot I had it in the realms of my nail box but it’s a gorgeous deep plum shade and perfect for winter!

Predictions: I mentioned our predictions in my last update…Hubby said a boy of 9lb 6oz and I said a girl of 8lb 13oz. So far, I’m right and he’s wrong. WINNING!! I just hope it stays that way for the weight too. Although my midwife said “chances are, you two just produce big babies!” Fab!


5 thoughts on “21 week update…

  1. Virtually All Sorts says:

    Hi there! I found your post while searching for #placentapraevia on twitter. Just to say that I was booked in for a planned section due to mild placenta praevia. After I got my head round it, I saw the benefits and positives. I took my time with my recovery (granted she is our first, so appreciate things maybe more challenging in that sense…) but really and truly, don’t dread having a section if that’s the way nature goes. Remember that as long as you and baby are ok, that’s all that matters…
    Take care and look forward to more updates.

    • everythingisrosy says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I can see some pro’s to a c-section – ease of knowing when I’ll have the baby for a start! I think you just prefer what you’re used to and as I had a natural birth last time, I’d like the same again. But you’re right, as long as baby and I are ok, that’s the main thing. I’m glad you took time with your recovery and everything worked out well. Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Liz.x

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