Step by step…

The very lovely Jane over at Ethans Escapades has started a fab new linky to celebrate our children’s milestones and achievements – both big and small.  I love the idea of celebrating our kiddies’ new skills, so I’m sharing the linky love and joining in!

This is my first Small Steps Amazing Achievements post. And I think it’s a pretty big one…

This week, Austin has taken some steps! Actual steps…with his feet! He’s been walking holding our hands for a couple of months, he quickly realised he didn’t need to hold both hands and happily started walking around holding one hand. (It had to be his right hand though, try his left and he’d drop to the floor as if his legs had suddenly stop working!!) He started off gripping our hands very tightly but recently, he’s been loosening his grip until he’s barely holding one finger.

This is Austin walking around at a family wedding a couple of weeks ago, holding on to Daddy’s hand.

Then a couple of evenings ago, Steve and I were sat on the floor a few feet apart and, holding him very lightly around his middle (not holding his hand), we walked him towards eachother. At first he wasn’t keen and tried to hold on to our hands but, after a few goes, he was grinning and had his arms out in front of him to reach us! CUTE!!

Yesterday while he was with Nanny, he walked more steps, working his way up to 5! He showed off to me when I went to collect him and then again to his daddy when we arrived home. So adorable.

I can’t wait to get home tonight to see if he’ll do more…cue an afternoon of clock watching from one very very proud mummy.x

Ethans Escapades

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