Some bloomin’ exciting news…

My blog has been quiet for a while now, but finally after weeks and weeks of not posting for fear of blurting it out before we were quite ready, I can reveal that I AM PREGNANT!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!

I wanted to wait until I’d had my scan to annouce it, really just to be sure that there actually is a baby in there. And there is! It looks just like its big brother did at that age..!

We are sooo pleased that Austin is going to have a younger brother or sister, close in age (18 months apart), to play with. But not as excited as him – he’s even gone and got  himself a T-shirt to prove it!!

I have been feeling sick and very tired, partly due to going back to work (returning to work from maternity leave and trying to hide your baby bump…awkward!) and Austin’s recent battle with teething (sleepless nights caused by one pesky tooth struggling to break through – grrrr!) but I think I’m starting to feel better now. Most of the time!

I have been basically eating non stop so I think we’re going to be in for another whopper, and I don’t mean the burgers I’m craving..! The Hubster is predicting a 9lb 6oz boy, so a couple of ounces shy of Austin’s birth weight. I’m going for a girl of 8lb 13oz – not such a scary size!. We’ll find out for sure in March!

In the meantime, proud big bro Austin is getting excited about meeting his new little playmate and will to be sporting his new T-shirt ALL the time!

*If you fancy a T-shirt for your own kiddies, Austin’s fab personalised one is from the lovely Rusks and Rebels!*

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