REVIEW: What to Expect When You’re Expecting – The Book!

When the lovely people at found out that I am pregnant again, they sent me a bundle of goodies to review. The famous book by Heidi Murkoff; the film, featuring among many others Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Rock; and the exercise DVD. Lucky me!


I admit, the exercise DVD is still in it’s wrapper..! Morning/afternoon/evening sickness has meant exercise has been the last thing on my mind, way behind eating everything in sight! I am hoping however, that the sickness stage passes soon. Very soon! So I will be able to do at least a little exercise!

But the book, I am reading now… I didn’t read any pregnancy books during my last pregnancy, I relied mainly on the internet and apps on my phone. But I’ve heard really good things about this book so I was very keen get my hands on it and jumped at the chance to review it!

It starts with a section on trying to conceive, then moves on to early pregnancy signs, testing and then moves on to the actual pregnancy. Some parts weren’t relevant to me, it talks about choosing the type of doctor/gynaecologist which if you’re in the UK and using the NHS, you wouldn’t necessarily need to know. But the info is all there if you do.

There is an interesting section on how external factors might affect your pregnancy. Some you think about – caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Others that you might not have considered – household cleaners, lead and cat poo!

One section that I haven’t read and to be honest, I don’t intend to, is on complications and things that can go wrong during pregnancy. This is a subject that in my eyes, mums-to-be don’t need to read. We already have enough worries during this time and I don’t think we need to unduly concern ourselves with anything more. Perhaps if later on, I do develop a complication, I will revisit this section in the book to read up about it. Until then, I’ll skip it!

‘Nine Months of Eating Well’ is a great chapter on your diet and how it affects you and your unborn baby, basically don’t forget that baby is eating what you’re eating! So mine is enjoying lots of meat and burgers..! It also reminds you what not to eat – runny eggs, undercooked meats, unpasteurized dairy products etc.

Then on to the best bit, in my opinion, the month by month guide to what’s going on inside and outside your tummy! I have just been reading up about this month…I’m now at week 15 and the book tells me my baby is about the size of a navel orange, he or she can already breathe, swallow and even suck a thumb! I’ve also been reading up on pregnancy symptoms including nasal stuffiness (check!); breathlessness (check!) and anaemia (check!). There are even a couple of suggestions on how to avoid unwanted belly touching! I think I must have a “Don’t you DARE touch my belly!” face as I have thankfully, not had to deal with this!

Another good part, having been there and done it once before, is the ‘Postpartum: The First Week chapter’.  It covers both physical and emotional symptoms that you might have in the week or so following the birth. Things like afterpains which are contraction pains caused by your uterus shrinking back and feeling overwhelmed at your new role as a mummy. The section covers everything and will help you understand that these symptoms are completely normal and hopefully help you relax into motherhood.

All in all, I like the book and would recommend it to other mums-to-be, especially first timers who genuinely don’t know what to expect. Just don’t get caught up on the scary stuff (or just do as I do and don’t read those bits!) and remember every mum and every pregnancy is different. Try to enjoy it, creating a brand new little person in your tummy is an amazing (if a little uncomfortable) experience and totally worth it!

Step by step…

The very lovely Jane over at Ethans Escapades has started a fab new linky to celebrate our children’s milestones and achievements – both big and small.  I love the idea of celebrating our kiddies’ new skills, so I’m sharing the linky love and joining in!

This is my first Small Steps Amazing Achievements post. And I think it’s a pretty big one…

This week, Austin has taken some steps! Actual steps…with his feet! He’s been walking holding our hands for a couple of months, he quickly realised he didn’t need to hold both hands and happily started walking around holding one hand. (It had to be his right hand though, try his left and he’d drop to the floor as if his legs had suddenly stop working!!) He started off gripping our hands very tightly but recently, he’s been loosening his grip until he’s barely holding one finger.

This is Austin walking around at a family wedding a couple of weeks ago, holding on to Daddy’s hand.

Then a couple of evenings ago, Steve and I were sat on the floor a few feet apart and, holding him very lightly around his middle (not holding his hand), we walked him towards eachother. At first he wasn’t keen and tried to hold on to our hands but, after a few goes, he was grinning and had his arms out in front of him to reach us! CUTE!!

Yesterday while he was with Nanny, he walked more steps, working his way up to 5! He showed off to me when I went to collect him and then again to his daddy when we arrived home. So adorable.

I can’t wait to get home tonight to see if he’ll do more…cue an afternoon of clock watching from one very very proud mummy.x

Ethans Escapades

Some bloomin’ exciting news…

My blog has been quiet for a while now, but finally after weeks and weeks of not posting for fear of blurting it out before we were quite ready, I can reveal that I AM PREGNANT!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!

I wanted to wait until I’d had my scan to annouce it, really just to be sure that there actually is a baby in there. And there is! It looks just like its big brother did at that age..!

We are sooo pleased that Austin is going to have a younger brother or sister, close in age (18 months apart), to play with. But not as excited as him – he’s even gone and got  himself a T-shirt to prove it!!

I have been feeling sick and very tired, partly due to going back to work (returning to work from maternity leave and trying to hide your baby bump…awkward!) and Austin’s recent battle with teething (sleepless nights caused by one pesky tooth struggling to break through – grrrr!) but I think I’m starting to feel better now. Most of the time!

I have been basically eating non stop so I think we’re going to be in for another whopper, and I don’t mean the burgers I’m craving..! The Hubster is predicting a 9lb 6oz boy, so a couple of ounces shy of Austin’s birth weight. I’m going for a girl of 8lb 13oz – not such a scary size!. We’ll find out for sure in March!

In the meantime, proud big bro Austin is getting excited about meeting his new little playmate and will to be sporting his new T-shirt ALL the time!

*If you fancy a T-shirt for your own kiddies, Austin’s fab personalised one is from the lovely Rusks and Rebels!*