Working 9 ’til 5…

I’m going back to work soon…eeek! I’m amazed that we’ve managed to make my SMP last so well that when I return, I will have had a whole year off! So when I do step foot back in the office, my little Austin bear will be 11 months old!

He will be spending each day with my mum, his Nanny Annie. I know he will love it, she has plans to take him the park, to the duck pond to watch the cars drive past (he’s not interested in any wildlife. Not unless it comes with wheels, an exhaust and an engine!), to the local country park for where she has purchased a season ticket and for play dates with his buddies. They’ll also be doing classes like Ice Tots and Toddler Sense. Basically having a bloody good time while I’m at work…

I’m so happy that Austin will get to spend his days with his Nanny but I will miss him so much! He’s my best little buddy and he goes everywhere with me.

I’m scared that I’m going to miss his first steps. He is so so close to walking unaided but he lacks a little balance and a lot of confidence! Once he has these cracked, there will be no stopping him! I want to be there to see his very first little footsteps so I can cheer him on / beam with pride / cry happy tears. We don’t have long left so he needs to get a wriggle on..!

There’s also the worry that I have forgotten how to have normal adult conversation. I’m fine with anything baby related but throw another topic or a non-baby person into the mix and I don’t know what to say. I answered the door to the estate agent last week saying “Hi, come in, I’m in the middle of a pooey nappy change!”. You can’t greet someone you’ve never met like that! I don’t remember how to converse with adults, especially in a professional environment!

And finally, what the hell am I going to wear? *sends hubby up into loft to try and locate pre-pregnancy work clothes* If my old clothes don’t fit, does it mean I don’t have to go?! Wish me luck…

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