Dribble Bibs (cravats / bandanas / neckerchiefs?!)

My baby is a dribbler. There, I’ve said it! Never before have I encountered so much dribble, no word of a lie, sometimes even his dribble bib dribbles because it’s so full of dribble..!

As bibs go, I’m not really a fan of the standard style but the triangle “bandana” style is a whole other story! Austin has sooo many different makes and colours, he wears them 99% of the time and in fact if he isn’t wearing one, it’s probably because I’ve removed it to take a photo and it’ll be back in postition as soon as the camera has clicked! Now I see them as a way to enhance his little outfits, rather than simply a way to catch his drool.

I think we have tried and tested almost every make and model of dribble bibs and so far we have decided that the best are by a company called Funky Giraffe, who have THE most amazing selection of colours and patterns. Not only is Funky Giraffe eco friendly, but their bibs seem so much more well made than others we have.

A small selection of Austin's many many Funky Giraffe bibs!

A small selection of Austin’s many many Funky Giraffe bibs!

Another good company I found just recently are Dribble Dry Bibs. I saw them on Twitter just before we went on holiday and ordered four different patterns. They arrived in super quick time and look great. They have a cotton top layer with a fleece backing, to slurp up enormous amounts of dribble!

Austin sporting his Robot design Dribble Dry bib!

Isn’t he adorable, IΒ love my little dribble monster! He’ll look so different when he stops needing to wear dribble bibs…I think I will miss them! He only has six teeth so far though so I thinkΒ  he’ll be sporting them for a while longer. Any other dribble bib recommendations eagerly accepted!!

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