Once we had managed to make a baby, I couldn’t actually believe it had finally happened…I took four tests, just to be sure!!

Straight away I was online, looking for a due date calculator to see when our little bundle would be making his/her appearance!

From then on, I was online ALL the time (except when I was at work…working hard, obviously!) looking up pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness and most of all, week by week development of my unborn baby.

There is a fab new site in the UK that I was asked to take a look at which holds all of this type of info, it’s based on the Heidi Murkoff bestseller What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the site is – www.whattoexpect.co.uk – I really quite like it!

Everyone has heard of the bestselling film and behind the film is another bestseller, the book! Heidi conceived the idea of What to Expect When You’re Expecting during her first pregnancy when she couldn’t find the advice and reassurance that she needed. It was then that she decided to write her own guide for parents to be. www.whattoexpect.com has been around since 2005 but now, they’ve brought the site to the UK!

The website covers all stages of parenting from Ovulation Trackers for wannabe mums-to-be, to dealing with toddler tantrums (can’t WAIT for that!).

My faves on the site are the things I looked for when I was pregnant:

The Due Date Calculator. Who waits for their “official” due date?! I calculated my own using one of these bad boys and was closer than the date the doctors and scans gave me. Clever mummy!

Due date calculator

Due date calculator

The Week by Week growth tracker for your unborn baby. If you’re anything like me you’ll want to know as much about your baby while he/she is still in your tummy that you can! How big is it? How much does it weigh? Does it look like a baby yet or still a tiny alien? When will I be able to feel him/her kicking? All the answers are here, in a week by week guide.

Pregnancy week by week - week 11

Pregnancy week by week – week 11

The other thing I also read up on during my pregnancy was labour! I was convinced I wouldn’t know when IΒ was having contractionsΒ (I hadn’t been able to feel any of my Braxton Hicks!)! Of course, I needn’t have worried..! But I did find it useful to know what early labour signs to look out for and what actually happens (although every labour is different!) from your mucous plug (nice) to having a sweep (also nice) to contractions and full blown labour (REALLY nice!).

So in short, the What to Expect website is a cool addition to your fave pregnancy and parenting websites. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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