Working 9 ’til 5…

I’m going back to work soon…eeek! I’m amazed that we’ve managed to make my SMP last so well that when I return, I will have had a whole year off! So when I do step foot back in the office, my little Austin bear will be 11 months old!

He will be spending each day with my mum, his Nanny Annie. I know he will love it, she has plans to take him the park, to the duck pond to watch the cars drive past (he’s not interested in any wildlife. Not unless it comes with wheels, an exhaust and an engine!), to the local country park for where she has purchased a season ticket and for play dates with his buddies. They’ll also be doing classes like Ice Tots and Toddler Sense. Basically having a bloody good time while I’m at work…

I’m so happy that Austin will get to spend his days with his Nanny but I will miss him so much! He’s my best little buddy and he goes everywhere with me.

I’m scared that I’m going to miss his first steps. He is so so close to walking unaided but he lacks a little balance and a lot of confidence! Once he has these cracked, there will be no stopping him! I want to be there to see his very first little footsteps so I can cheer him on / beam with pride / cry happy tears. We don’t have long left so he needs to get a wriggle on..!

There’s also the worry that I have forgotten how to have normal adult conversation. I’m fine with anything baby related but throw another topic or a non-baby person into the mix and I don’t know what to say. I answered the door to the estate agent last week saying “Hi, come in, I’m in the middle of a pooey nappy change!”. You can’t greet someone you’ve never met like that! I don’t remember how to converse with adults, especially in a professional environment!

And finally, what the hell am I going to wear? *sends hubby up into loft to try and locate pre-pregnancy work clothes* If my old clothes don’t fit, does it mean I don’t have to go?! Wish me luck…

Dribble Bibs (cravats / bandanas / neckerchiefs?!)

My baby is a dribbler. There, I’ve said it! Never before have I encountered so much dribble, no word of a lie, sometimes even his dribble bib dribbles because it’s so full of dribble..!

As bibs go, I’m not really a fan of the standard style but the triangle “bandana” style is a whole other story! Austin has sooo many different makes and colours, he wears them 99% of the time and in fact if he isn’t wearing one, it’s probably because I’ve removed it to take a photo and it’ll be back in postition as soon as the camera has clicked! Now I see them as a way to enhance his little outfits, rather than simply a way to catch his drool.

I think we have tried and tested almost every make and model of dribble bibs and so far we have decided that the best are by a company called Funky Giraffe, who have THE most amazing selection of colours and patterns. Not only is Funky Giraffe eco friendly, but their bibs seem so much more well made than others we have.

A small selection of Austin's many many Funky Giraffe bibs!

A small selection of Austin’s many many Funky Giraffe bibs!

Another good company I found just recently are Dribble Dry Bibs. I saw them on Twitter just before we went on holiday and ordered four different patterns. They arrived in super quick time and look great. They have a cotton top layer with a fleece backing, to slurp up enormous amounts of dribble!

Austin sporting his Robot design Dribble Dry bib!

Isn’t he adorable, I love my little dribble monster! He’ll look so different when he stops needing to wear dribble bibs…I think I will miss them! He only has six teeth so far though so I think  he’ll be sporting them for a while longer. Any other dribble bib recommendations eagerly accepted!!

Liebster Award!


I actually can’t believe this but I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by my incredibly lovely fellow mummy blogger Katie Bytheway (doesn’t she have THE coolest surname?!) her fab blog is here: KTBTW!

The Liebster Award is an award given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers (on Google/Blogger/BlogLovin etc), to help boost their popularity and reputation. How fab is that?!

There are rules! They are as follows:

  • Link back to the blog which nominated you
  • Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you
  • Divulge 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 – 11 other new blogs (with less than 200 followers) and come up with 11 questions for them to answer!


11 Questions from KTBTW:

When did you start blogging? not long, about a month ago!

Why did you start your blog? I wanted to start when I began maternity leave but didn’t get round to it until Austin was 8 1/2 months old!! Took me a while… I am incredibly nosey and love reading other people’s blogs and although my life is not quite as exciting enough to have my own reality tv show, some people might also like to be nosey and read about me and my family!

What surprised you the most about blogging? How much I enjoy writing. I basically write as I would think and talk, so my style can be a bit scatty at times! But I really enjoy it.

If you could have 3 “special guests” at a dinner party, who would you invite? This is hard!! I’m going to say Bradley Cooper, he’s pleasing to my eyes; Stephen Fry, he’s so bloomin’ clever annnnnnnnddddd oooh Samantha “Why do women hate me for being beautiful” Brick (remember her??), she would amuse me.

Where’s your favourite place to go? Bed! How boring, ha!! In my previous few jobs I have travelled with work and hotel beds just don’t cut the mustard. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed. And now I have a little bear to cuddle up to as well. although he’s normally clambering over me or slapping me on the cheek!

If you could learn one new skill, what would it be? To master speaking in different accents! This sounds dumb to most of you I’m sure however, it’s a big thing in our house. My husband is (annoyingly) good at everything be does and he’s bloomin’ amazing at speaking in any accent, even switching between them mid sentence. He likes to try and teach me purely for his own amusement. I’d like to master this! Or flying. Either or.

What were you doing this time last year? I was still working and travelling to Poland, looking forward to putting my feet up when my maternity leave started! Now a year on, I don’t have long before I return to work :(. The last year has flown by so quickly, I can’t believe it!

If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would you pick? I like this question because I LOVE food. After much deliberation, I have decided on crispy duck pancakes. I tell you why, I bloody love them. Whenever I go out to a chinese restaurant (which is not very often) I can’t get enough of their pancakes. I could easily live on them for the rest of my life and not get bored. I might get fat but not bored!!

What’s your favourite film? Now, it always used to be The Labrynth with David Bowie (I recorded it on video from the TV – in the olden days when you had to enter a video plus code to record anything) but more recently, as I’ve grown up, it’s changed to Ghostbusters. I am NOT joking. I love it. I love the old special effects, the storyline, Slimer, the whole damn thing. But Ghostbusters 2, is rubbish. Don’t even bother with it.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Ummmm no, if I’m honest I don’t. I believe in lust and fancying the pants off someone at first sight but love is something much deeper, something that grows between two people. I don’t think it can be there in an instant.

Finish this senstence: If i had my way…… there would be world peace… Alternatively, I would look like a supermodel, have Bradley Cooper phoning me for dates, be besties with the Kardashians (honestly, who wouldn’t want to live in their world for just a day?!) and be eating crispy duck pancakes for the rest of my life…

11 Random Facts:

  1. Belly Buttons make me feel sick
  2. I have one eye long sighted and the other short sighted. I never tire of opticians saying “Oh I’ve never seen that before”!!
  3. Touching velvet makes my throat feel like its going to close up (it possibly isn’t really going to close up but it definitely feels strange)
  4. I can touch my nose with my tongue, with great ease.
  5. I didn’t pass my driving test until the *whispers* 4th attempt – I blame the stupid examiner!
  6. I have been driving for 15 years and have owned a whopping 10 cars – just because I get bored easily…
  7. When I was younger I fancied (ahem) Gary Rhodes. Yes that’s right, the chef with the sticky up hair!
  8. I have grissle in my jaw bone
  9. I dream the most in depth, indecipherable dreams ever. It’s actually a wonder I can sleep through them. I might start a dream blog to discuss them. My mind is really quite fucked up!
  10. I have a “Pooey” list of famous people I dislike immensely. Sue Barker is at the top.
  11. Before I got married 3 years ago, I lost the feeling in my left arm for a couple of months, after scans and tests, nobody knows why…

My Nominee’s are…

This was SOOOO hard! I think these lovely blogs meet the criteria..! If not, please don’t be offended, I have nominated you because I think you have a bloomin’ fab blog! I enjoy reading them all, whether for their factual information, funny stories or cute pics!

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My 11 questions:

  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. What made you decide to start blogging?
  3. If you could have one special power, what would it be?
  4. Would you rather have a giraffe’s neck or tiger paws (and why?)
  5. Who is (or has been) your embarrassing celeb crush? We’ve all had them, see my facts above for mine..!?
  6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  7. What is your most embarrassing habit?
  8. Which do you fancy right now, sweet or savoury?
  9. What is your favourite ever thing to do?
  10. What is your biggest fear?
  11. Who or what inspires you?

Woohoo! I did it! I can’t wait to see the answers and facts from my nominess, if they want to join in!

Thank you so much again Katie – KTBTW – for nominating me! I really enjoyed writing this post and choosing who to nominate, I hope my answers and facts are ok!!

Once we had managed to make a baby, I couldn’t actually believe it had finally happened…I took four tests, just to be sure!!

Straight away I was online, looking for a due date calculator to see when our little bundle would be making his/her appearance!

From then on, I was online ALL the time (except when I was at work…working hard, obviously!) looking up pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness and most of all, week by week development of my unborn baby.

There is a fab new site in the UK that I was asked to take a look at which holds all of this type of info, it’s based on the Heidi Murkoff bestseller What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the site is – – I really quite like it!

Everyone has heard of the bestselling film and behind the film is another bestseller, the book! Heidi conceived the idea of What to Expect When You’re Expecting during her first pregnancy when she couldn’t find the advice and reassurance that she needed. It was then that she decided to write her own guide for parents to be. has been around since 2005 but now, they’ve brought the site to the UK!

The website covers all stages of parenting from Ovulation Trackers for wannabe mums-to-be, to dealing with toddler tantrums (can’t WAIT for that!).

My faves on the site are the things I looked for when I was pregnant:

The Due Date Calculator. Who waits for their “official” due date?! I calculated my own using one of these bad boys and was closer than the date the doctors and scans gave me. Clever mummy!

Due date calculator

Due date calculator

The Week by Week growth tracker for your unborn baby. If you’re anything like me you’ll want to know as much about your baby while he/she is still in your tummy that you can! How big is it? How much does it weigh? Does it look like a baby yet or still a tiny alien? When will I be able to feel him/her kicking? All the answers are here, in a week by week guide.

Pregnancy week by week - week 11

Pregnancy week by week – week 11

The other thing I also read up on during my pregnancy was labour! I was convinced I wouldn’t know when I was having contractions (I hadn’t been able to feel any of my Braxton Hicks!)! Of course, I needn’t have worried..! But I did find it useful to know what early labour signs to look out for and what actually happens (although every labour is different!) from your mucous plug (nice) to having a sweep (also nice) to contractions and full blown labour (REALLY nice!).

So in short, the What to Expect website is a cool addition to your fave pregnancy and parenting websites. Take a look and let me know what you think!


My baby, Austin, was ready for solids by about 14 weeks. He was a chunk of a baby at birth (9lb 8oz), he didn’t lose any weight even in the first few days, just kept piling on the pounds! It was such hard to work keep him solely on milk until the 17 weeks minimum weaning recommendation, he was feeding constantly!! I managed to hold out until 16 weeks, then out came the baby porridge. And so it began…

There are so many different ideas and guidelines on how to start weaning your baby but, if I’m honest, I felt most comfortable doing my own thing right from the start.

So at 17 weeks, I started Austin on baby porridge (I didn’t like the idea of baby rice! Plus I’d tried some – I try everything before I feed it to Austin – and it wasn’t very tasty!) Just a baby spoonful at first and a really runny consistency so it was more like very thick milk and not too much of a change for him.

After a couple of weeks of just porridge and his usual number of bottles, I started to introduce some veggies. My plan was to stick to mainly vegetables, to try and avoid him getting used to sweet fruits and stop him developing a sweet tooth! I don’t know if this is feasible but it was worth a shot!!

To begin with, to get recipe ideas for veggie purées, I used two books to help me. ‘Annabel Karmel Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner’ and ‘Sainsburys Little Ones Recipes and Nutrition’.

These Sainsburys and Annabel Karmel books helped me out with my weaning planning and recipes!

These Sainsburys and Annabel Karmel books helped me out with my weaning planning and recipes!

Both books were really handy, not just or recipe ideas but the Sainsburys book also details which food groups should be introduced when, in a easy to follow table. It’s great! The Annabel Karmel book moves through weaning stages from first tastes up to finger foods and has some great recipe ideas.

Austin’s first taste of veg was carrot and sweet potato. Babies naturally prefer sweeter tastes so I thought I would ease him into vegetables with the slightly sweeter ones. I normally mixed a couple of different vegetables together (probably thinking more what would appeal to me than a baby who’s only tasted milk before!) rather than a single vegetable puree.

I repeated the same purées for a couple of days and then moved on to another couple of vegetables. Next was broccoli and as it is not sweet at all in flavour, I mixed it with carrot to sweeten it up a bit. He loved it! After the initial few spoonfuls.

Soon we were making all kinds of puree’s, we bought a steamer and blender, plus pots a plenty for freezing and storing the portions of veggie goodness! I would spend Sunday evenings steaming, pureeing and freezing ready for the week ahead.

Tommee Tippee pots - we have soooo many of these!

Tommee Tippee pots – we have soooo many of these!

Soon we were making all kinds of puree’s, Austin’s favourite by far was Parsnip, Pea and Pear (Which sounds more intriguing that delicious but it’s actually really yummy!) closely followed by Courgette, Carrot, Sweet Potato and Peas (a random mix I made when I was using up left over veg – quite the success!)!

Once the veggies had been covered off, we moved on to meat. However, I found meat hard to puree to a good consistency, it always stayed a bit grainy. They always tasted fine and Austin ate them, they just never looked all that appetising!

When Austin was 6 1/2 months old, he seemed ready to start chewing so I started to give him lumps in his purees. This is when I struggled the most as I found it quite difficult to get the lump:puree ratio quite right. So I turned to ready made sachets, mainly Plum and Heinz. These went down a treat with my little man and he loved chomping on the lumps with his gums and 4 teeth! Occassionally it would take a couple of attempts to get him to eat a certain flavour as he would take one mouthful and refuse any more. But I found offering another sachet / puree for that feed and then trying again a few days later usually worked well!

Now, he will eat anything I give him, apart from slices of tomato – I think he gets that from his dad! Austin is now 9 months old and much prefers finger food to being spoon fed. His absolute favourite is Tortilla Pizza – very simply, a tortilla wrap base, passata and a sprinkling of grated cheddar, pop it in the oven for a few minutes and Hey Presto! You have a pizza! This has gone down so well in our house that whenever Austin has one, Daddy has two!

My top tips for weaning:

1) If you don’t want to buy all new kit, ice cube trays are fab for storing and freezing puree’s when you first start weaning. You can make up a batch of puree and free into ice cube size portions, ready to defrost one (or as baby grows, two or three) at a time.

2) Its hard not to be put off when your baby doesn’t like something the first few times you offer it but actually, it can take more than 10-15 times of offering before babies decide they do like it! Fussy little things!

3) A baby’s stomach is about the same size as their clenched fist so they can only eat small amounts at a time. Babies know when they’re full so try not to try and make them eat if they don’t want to.

4) The NHS recommended salt intake for babies under 12 months is only 1g per day (less than 0.4g Sodium). Eating too much salt can damage their kidneys so it’s important not to add salt to their food.

5) Try to stay relaxed and smile lots! Babies pick up on our anxieties so it’s important to try and stay relaxed to help encourage them to eat new foods. Smiling and saying “YUMMY” helped me a lot!

PS) It’s gonna get messy!

First holiday as a family!

We did it, we went on our first holiday as a family of 3, and it was fab!

I was nervous about how much our luggage was going to weigh (see my blog on Holiday Weight) and so was going to pre-order Austin’s formula from Boots at Gatwick but, as I have the imagination of an overactive 5 year old, I would have worried about something happening to stop us being able to collect it. So we packed enough ready made formula in our cases to last the whole week. We were still all under our luggage allowances. Check. Us. Out.

It turned out we were running quite tight on time, through no fault of our own (damn those ridiculously long check-in and security queues!), so we would have been hard pushed to collect the milk afterall!

We parked the car at Gatwick with Maple Manor Meet and Greet Car Service, we phoned them to say we were 5 minutes away, they met us at the airport and took the car off to the car park. When we returned home, we phoned them once we’d collected our luggage and they met us outside the airport with our car. I really recommend it, it was so easy AND we got our car back after the holiday! Always a bonus!!

The flight out, Austin was a dream! He was so tired, bless him, he slept most of the 3 1/2 hours we were in the air. I fed him some milk as we took off and landed to keep him swallowing and help his ears adjust to the altitude (fab tip from friend of mine!). The rest of the time he ate some snacks and watched Peppa Pig on the iPad!

Austin, mid flight, asleep on Daddy

We decided to book a Thomson Family holiday, they have fab facilities for kids of all ages and I’d heard good things about them. After much deliberating (we wanted somewhere with good reviews, where the flight and transfer wouldn’t be too long), we chose the Atlantica Aegean Blue hotel in Rhodes and it was lovely. We booked a family room, to have a little bit more room than in a standard room. The family rooms have a partition wall which separates the main room from the childs bedroom area.

The kiddy part of the family room, cimplete with bunk beds and toy kitchen!

The kiddy part of the family room, complete with bunk beds and toy kitchen!

The room was equipped with a travel cot/playpen; high chair; bottle warmer and steriliser – all we requested and paid a little extra for when we booked. Plus Austin had a standard cot. All baby equipment was from Mothercare and this was the case throughout the resort.

Eeyore (yep, he came too!) keeping guard in the cot

Eeyore (yep, he came too!) keeping guard in the cot

Outside the room, the hotel facilities were great, perfect for kids. Austin loved the little soft play area and there was a creche we could have used if we’d wanted (for an extra charge). There is also a water park for older kids, plus kids clubs activities. As I’m typing this I’m thinking, this time last year, this would have been exactly the type of holiday I would have avoided!! How parenthood changes you!

The view from our room

The view from our room

The main pool area was always jam packed and REALLY annoyingly, sun beds were reserved at stupid o’clock in the morning, despite a sign saying to do so was “forbidden”! And a lot of them were reserved at 7am ish but not even used until 11am ish! Beyond irritating. It’s something I’ve never done before but, as we wanted enough shade for Austin to be comfortable and to be close enough to the baby pool that we could take him for a dunk whenever he got hot, we got in on the action too. If you can’t beat ’em..!

Austin and I by the pool (I’m holding his hands in an attempt to keep his sunglasses on his face for the photo!)

The beach right next to the hotel was, to be honest, not the best (narrow and with weird pebbly sand)! But Austin didn’t seem a fan of it anyway so it didn’t matter too much. He didn’t quite know what to do with the sand and wasn’t sure about the waves coming and going! He LOVED the pool, the smallest one was shallow enough at one end for him to sit in and the deeper end he could float around in his inflatable boat.

Austin (in his boat!) and Daddy on the first day of the holiday.

The hotel was All Inclusive, so there was always food available. For Austin, we took some dinner and fruit pouches, Heinz biscotti and Organix crisps, just in case they were needed. But actually, he ate everything we offered him, so we needn’t have worried at all! Highchairs were dotted around the main restaurant (all from Mothercare) so there was always one available to use. And it was lovely because the staff were fab with Austin and they really didn’t mind if any of the kids cried, or made a mess, it was a really relaxed atmosphere. There was even a family area in the restaurant if you preferred to sit amongst other families with kids, which was near the childrens buffet area.

The resort of Kolymbia, where the hotel is situated, is very quiet! There are a handful of bars and restaurants along the main street (about a 15 minute walk from the hotel). There are 2 cashpoints, although apparently they are normally empty of cash (!). One was working when we were there and I managed to take out some money but my card was cloned shortly afterwards..! Perhaps just a coincidence, but perhaps not! There are lots little “Supermarkets” dotted around too. I definitely saw an “Asda” and “Sainsbury” but I’m not convinced they are a genuine addition to the UK chains we know and love!

The flight home was not quite as successful as the way out…to start with, it was delayed for 2 hours and the air conditioning in the airport was next to useless (think breathing out of your mouth onto your hand and you’d be close!). Once on the  flight, 4 families with babies had been seated in front of each other (not sure if this was intentional or not – but it did not work well!) and of course they all slept and cried at different times. So while Austin was in a deep sleep, the baby behind screamed at the top of her voice, scaring the shit out of Austin and causing him to scream at the top of his voice! Once I’d calmed him down, he was fine, a bit grumpy, but who wouldn’t be!

For a first holiday abroad with bubs, it was lovely. We needn’t really have gone for a Thomson Family hotel, we wold have been equally happy in a standard resort, but for the peace of mind that it gave us before and during the holiday of catering for Austin, it was a good choice for our first holiday as a family.

Fab for kids older than babies
All baby equipment is from Mothercare
Creche staff are UK qualified
All the staff loved Austin and went out of their way to help us

Sun-bed situation was just ridiculous
Austin was too young for most of the kids stuff – water park, play park, childrens buffet
He was also too young for most of the Thomson excursions (not that we wanted to go on any, but for your info)
The beach isn’t the best – a bit pebbly – but there is a much nicer, sandy one close by

I think that covers everything, if you want to know more, let me know! Where does anyone else recommend for a family holiday abroad?

everythingisrosy when you have these (not quite essential) essentials!

I knew the ‘essential items’ that were needed for having a baby – cot, car seat, stacks of nappies, muslins, baby wipes, etc. I’d read enough articles, spoken to enough new mummy friends and used my (baby brain fuelled) common sense to know the absolute ‘must haves’. Now Austin has been with us for 9 whole months, I have made my own list of items that we probably could have done without but without them, life would have bit that little bit harder. May I introduce my ‘Not Quite Essential’ Essentials…

Video baby monitor:
We wanted a video baby monitor, not only to be able to check on our Little Bear sleeping without risking waking him when creeping into his room, but also to watch his funny antics when he gets a bit bigger and starts trying to emulate Houdini!

Using a Y-Cam camera (we have the Knight SD) and the Baby Monitor HD iPhone app from Sunshine Apps, provides a fab video and audio link to Austin’s room. It’s great and has been AMAZING since we moved Austin in to his own room at 6 weeks old. Both hubby and I have the ability to watch Austin whenever he’s in his room.

A typical scene from Austin's room!

A typical scene from Austin’s room!

I have the app open on my phone all through the night (I tend to wake up and check my phone with one sleepy eye, see Austin hasn’t escaped and go back to sleep) and have set the sound to mute, until he starts crying, then an alert sounds on my phone. You can even close the app down and still listen in to whatever baby is doing! Genius.

Ewan the Dream Sheep:
This sheep, from Sweet Dreamers is amazeballs! I bought him after my friend received one at her babyshower. None of her guests had heard of Ewan before so we passed him around listening to his soothing womb sound. He has four different sounds (one on each of his legs – of course!), an actual womb/heartbeat recording; vacuum cleaner, rainfall and a relaxing harp recording. He also emits a lovely pink glow which Sweet Dreamers say when combined with the sounds, help settle babies and toddlers to sleep.

Ewan with his calming ROSY glow!

Ewan with his calming ROSY glow!

I love Ewan so much that one of my good friends very recently had a baby (an incredibly gorgeous little fella!) and I gave them a Ewan too. Apparently it’s helping to settle him which is fab news.

Austin suffered with colic symptoms when he was really young, due to his forcep birth. Ewan and his womb/heartbeat sound was the only thing that would help soothe him. We would hang Ewan over the side of the moses basket (he has a handy velcro tail so you can secure him wherever you like) so the glow lit up the basket and the sound filled the room – helping mummy and daddy sleep too!

We still put Austin to bed with Ewan now at 9 months old, only now he cuddles him to sleep. In fact normally he falls asleep with Ewan in one hand and Eeyore in the other. Super cute!

Austin, having just woken up with Ewan and Eeyore

Ohhhh Eeyore, how would we survive without you! My Mum gave Austin a small, soft – incredibly soft – Eeyore toy, when we first returned home from the hospital. We placed him in the moses basket with Austin and that’s when their love affair began! Since then, Austin and Eeyore have been inseparable. A month or so ago, we were out shopping and hubby saw a giant Eeyore and made the mistake of showing Austin, whose eyes lit up! We bought the giant Eeyore.

We now have four Eeyore’s in total (it’s impossible to walk past an Eeyore in a shop, see Austin’s little face light up and NOT purchase said Eeyore), in various sizes. I noticed one in Boots yesterday and thankfully managed to steer the stroller away from it! I fear Eeyore will take over our house.

Austin and one of his Eeyore’s!

Like most babies, Austin is always on the go and as soon as he was old enough to hold his head up, he wanted to be upright all the time. Step forward the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo! The best invention, EVER.

Why, you ask? Well I’ll tell you:

  • The seat spins 360 degrees (baby can move this around themselves once they realise they can do it) and the seat has three height settings
  • It helps baby to improve their  co-ordination while they try to grab at the dangly animals above their heads.
  • There are different toys to spin, turn and grab (and  dribble over and bite if the urge takes them – which it will).
  • The music settings allow you to turn music up and down (or off!), to play only when baby jumps/hits the toys or to play constantly, just to ensure you really do have the tune wedged tightly in your head *fondly remembers humming whilst trying to get to sleep EVERY night*.

Austin loved it from the first time he used it. It gave him the opportunity to stretch and kick his legs before he was able to crawl. It was great as I could pop Austin in it while I enjoyed a hot cup of tea (that’s right people – HOT CUP OF TEA!) and a bourbon biscuit. He honestly would have stayed in it all day if I’d let him! The only time he got bored of it was when he was on the verge of crawling, but by then he was at the top of it’s weight limit (25lbs – he’s always been a heavy boy!).

I think he’s enjoying it..!

So there we have my ‘Not Quite Essential’ Essentials! Perhaps Austin is the only little fella with an Eeyore infatuation but I REALLY recommend the baby monitor and app, Ewan the Dream Sheep and the Jumperoo! We couldn’t have done without them!x