When is a handbag, not a handbag…

…when it’s actually a changing bag in a beautiful disguise!

As a lover of many many handbags, choosing a changing bag was always going to be a BIG deal. I knew what I wanted, something that didn’t look like it was carrying nappies, wipes and formula. And nothing too ‘mumsy’! Finding my perfect match was going to be hard.

There are so many changing bags on the market, like handbags, there’s something for everyone…

Babymel are a really popular brand www.babymel.co.uk and they have a great range of all different colours and styles, from rucksacks to messengers to toolbelts! The prices are affordable too.

There’s also the very cute Pink Lining www.pinklining.com/uk/changing-bags who make gorgeous bags that are definitely a favourite amongst my friends. Pink Lining also have a fab range of bags for mummy’s of twins, which are ‘Twice as Nice’ with double the number of compartments for double the amount of stuff. A fab idea! They also make cute kids bags – satchels, wheelie cases, lunch boxes. An amazing range.

The bag I decided on in the end was The Babybag from Lin & Leo www.linandleo.com and I bloomin’ love it!

At £175 it was slightly more expensive than I had planned but in my eyes, it’s well worth every penny. “It’s an investment!” I announced to hubby when I found it. Ordinarily, statutory maternity pay wouldn’t stretch to such luxuries but luckily, as I’d saved my butt off since becoming pregnant I was able to treat myself to my own “Push Present”!

The gorgeous Lin & Leo BabyBag in tan

The gorgeous Lin & Leo BabyBag in tan

I went for this lovely tan colour but The Babybag is also available in black, red and turquoise – a colour to match every outfit! I ordered online and when it arrived and I opened the box, o00hh the smell of the leather was amazing!

The bag comes with a changing mat, removable adjustable shoulder strap (which I use to hang over the buggy), and it has two pockets on the outside, three large pockets on the inside, plus two bottle pockets. Pockets galore!! It’s very roomy which means I can fit nappies, food, wipes, change of clothes etc AND my own bits and bobs so I don’t need to take a separate bag for myself.

The thing I love the most though, is that it doesn’t look like a changing bag. It’s so well made that I am sure I will use it long after it’s required for baby duties. In fact I took it to work for one of my ‘KIT’ days and it was the perfect size for my laptop and work papers! What more could an oh-so stylish, working Mum want!

2 thoughts on “When is a handbag, not a handbag…

  1. ktbtw says:

    Oooohhh i LOVE this changing bag, i have been wanting a new one for ages (using the free one from boots at the moment, very boring and blurrgh) i have a feeling my credit is going to have a battering and i’m blaming you! =D

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