Holiday weight..

WE’RE GOING ON HOLIDAY!! Can you tell I’m excited?! I could really do with a holiday. It feels like forEVER since we went away, when really, it’s only been a year.. And during that year, I’ve actually only spent a few months at work, the majority of that time I have been on maternity leave with my little bear. Details, details! We’re going on holiday and I can’t wait!

Only one reservation…heavy luggage. Not real issues like flying with a 9 month old or how he’ll cope with the heat (we’re going abroad – obviously heat would not be an issue if we were staying in the UK!). No, none of these things. Just luggage.

I’m normally quite a light traveller anyway, I’ve been known to go away for a week with hand-luggage only. CHECK ME OUT! However, now I have the pressure of packing for a baby too. I tend to over-pack for him just for a day out so how am I going to go about fitting all of his essentials within our luggage allowance?! I normally laugh in the face of pressure but right now, all I can muster is a nervous giggle!

We’re flying with Thomson so the Hubster and I have 20kg each and little man has 10kg all to himself. Sounds like a lot, huh? And Austin’s clothes are only small, they can’t take up that much room or be too weighty. It’ll be fine. But then you need to add nappies, milk (ready mixed formula – I figure that’ll be better than faffing with cooling boiled water?), suntan lotion, toys, Eeyore – heaven forbid we forget Eeyore (I’ll blog about him another time. Let’s just say he is ESSENTIAL!)! Hmmmmm. Sounds heavy to me. I’ll let you know how I get on…

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