5 photo’s about me…

I love photo’s but I have never taken enough of them. Until now! Now, my iPhone is full of photos of Austin and occassional pics of my cats or new chocolate bars. I could bore you senseless with photo’s of my gorgeous little bear (I make no apologies that my Instagram is like a photo diary of Austin’s life!). Instead, I have chosen just 5 photo’s from the past few years, 5 photo’s about me…

Our wedding day:
Our wedding was just THE best day. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family, the whole day went without a hitch, even the weather was glorious – good job too because we’d arranged a BBQ and an ice cream cart for the reception. I love this photo, it was taken just after we were announced as married, before alcohol had been consumed, the band had started playing and the inflatable instruments had been handed out! I also love my Nan and Grandma stood having a natter in the background with umbrellas sticking out of their heads..!

The day after our wedding, we took the Eurostar to Paris. Neither of us are particularly romantic but, when in Rome…or Paris! This photo reminds me of how amazing our little minimoon was, while we were still living in our wedding bubble. It’s not the best pic of me but Steve looks so happy that my dodgy make-up (where are my lips and why is my nose so much browner than my face?!) can almost be forgiven!

We were married in June and we honeymooned in September, spending two weeks doing absolutely nothing in the idyllic Caribbean. Bliss! I like photo’s that show a unique part of the place where they’re taken (otherwise this one could just be of Milford-on-Sea!) and this pic is of me with Hugo, a famous palm tree in our Antiguan resort who was knocked over in Hurricane Hugo in the 80’s but undeterred, continued to grow. A little wonky.

Daddy, Mummy and Bert the Bump:
Halfway through my pregnancy, we went to the wedding of Steve’s best friend. There aren’t many photo’s of me and my bump (I didn’t feel particularly photogenic!), especially not with Steve too, but this one I love (taken by my lovely friend and fellow new mum Stacey)! Steve was Best Man and was about to do his speech (he went on to be fab and had everyone in stitches!) so was feeling a little nervous. Bert was so wriggly this day, possibly because of the heat but more than likely due to the Mama Spanx I was wearing under my dress!

My Little Bear:
Ohhh I just love him so much!! This photo is so special, Austin was born on the Sunday, we left hospital on the Tuesday and this was the moment we wrapped him up ready to take him home. He seemed so small, so delicate and we still couldn’t believe he was ours. And that they were going to let us out of the hospital to look after him all by ourselves! We had made him, we already loved him indescribably, I had carried and looked after him, felt him wriggling and kicking inside my tummy and now he was here for us to show off, as proud parents, to the rest of the world. For months it hadn’t seemed real but now, he was coming home. Wrapped up in a little bear suit.x

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