Bert the Bump

When I was pregnant, my bump was called Bert. I was never a fan of “the baby” or “Bean”, it had to have a name.
At about 5 weeks gone, I asked my husband Steve what we should call the bump. “Bert” he said without a second thought. So from then on, it was.
Everybody referred to the baby/bump as Bert. So much so that we were a little concerned Bert might stick and whatever name we chose for his life outside the bump, wouldn’t work and he’d be forever sharing his name with Ernie’s other half.

I was lucky, my pregnancy was good. The only time I really suffered wasnt until the final trimester, when I was diagnosed with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) – or pelvic pain to you and me – and was signed off work two weeks before my maternity leave was due to start. Even then I still managed to do most things. In fact turning over in bed was the worst pain EVER, everthing else was bearable!

I didn’t do NCT classes, I read up on them but quickly decided they weren’t for me. Instead I went to FitMama classes (I’ll blog separately about these) where I met some amazing friends. During the FitMama classes I remember learning that “your body knows how to give birth and your baby knows how to be born” which really helped me in the lead up to the birth and the thought of gong through labour didn’t actually worry me at all.

My labour wasn’t too bad (!) although, despite what I had been told at FitMama, it turned out that although my body did seem to know how to give birth, Bert didn’t seem to know how to be born. Bless him. He changed postion and was lying back to back and had his head facing in the wrong direction. So in the end, it took a little intervention to get him out. But baby Austin arrived safe and sound, if a little bruised, on September 30th weighing a chunky 9lb 8oz (no wonder Bert the Bump was so big!).

Austin, 1 day old, showing off his little forcep scar.

After he was born he suffered quite badly as his head was hurt from the forceps. So much so that he was treated by an amazing chiropractor (Verity Wills @ whose treatment turned him from a poorly baby with horrible colic like symptoms, to the amazing happy little man he is today.

His existence has changed our lives completely and it is the most amazing experience ever being his mum. I’ve loved him so much from the moment I saw his gorgeous little screaming face. In fact, from the moment I ‘had a feeling’ I was pregnant and went home to see the little blue line on the test.


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